TXTextControl.TableCellNumberFormat Property

Returns or sets a number format for the table cell. The number format is used, when a formula is defined and the table cell's text is automatically calculated. When a number format is not defined, the property's value is an empty string. The number format string has a format as described in Office Open XML File Formats - ISO/IEC 29500 - 1, Chapter: 18.8.31 Number Formats.

Introduced: 26.0.


TXTextControl.TableCellNumberFormat((TableId, Row, Column) [= string]
Parameter Description

Specifies a table. It is the same identifier set with the TableInsert method.

Row, Column

Specify a row and column number which identifies a certain cell in the table. The first has the number 1, 1.

Data Types

TableId:    Integer
Row:    Integer
Column:    Integer
Property value:    String


Run time only.

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