TXTextControl.TabCurrent Property

Specifies the current tab number for the properties TabPos and TabType.


TXTextControl.TabCurrent [= value]


Text Control supports up to 14 tabs for each paragraph. Valid values for this property are 1 to 14.

Text Control sorts the tabs in ascending order whenever you change the position of a tab, so a tab's number can change when it it moved. In this case, the TabCurrent Property is updated to reflect the change. Tabs outside of the paragraph are automatically set to zero.

Data Types



The first of the following Basic examples moves the first tab to a new position 1 inch from the left border and changes it to a decimal tab. The second of the following Basic examples changes all the tabs to be right-aligned at 1/2 inch gradations:

TXTextControl1.TabCurrent = 1
TXTextControl1.TabType = 4
TXTextControl1.TabPos = 1440
' Delete all tabs
for n=14 to 1 step -1
   TXTextControl1.TabCurrent = n
   TXTextControl1.TabPos = 0
next n
' Create new tabs
for n=1 to 14
   TXTextControl1.TabCurrent = n
   TXTextControl1.TabPos = n*720
   if (TXTextControl1.TabPos > 0) then _
      TXTextControl1.TabType = 2
next n

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