TXTextControl.SectionInsert Method

Inserts a section break at the text input position or at a specified position.

Introduced: 14.0.


TXTextControl.SectionInsert BreakKind, TextPos
Parameter Description

Specifies the kind of the section break. It can be one of the following Constants:

Value Description
txBeginAtNewLine The section begins on the next line with a new paragraph.
txBeginAtNewPage The section begins on the next page with a new paragraph.

Specifies the text position at which the section is to be inserted. If this parameter is -1, the section break is inserted at the current text input position.

Return Value

The return value is True, if the section break could be added. Otherwise it is False.

Data Types

BreakKind: Integer
TextPos: Long
Return value: Boolean

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