TXTextControl.PageImage Property

Returns an image of the specified page which can be used with the Picture property of a Form object, PictureBox control or Image control.

Introduced: 16.0.


TXTextControl.PageImage Number, Content
Parameter Description

Specifies the page's number. The first page has the number 1.


Specifies the image's contents. Possible values are listed in Constants. These values can be combined.


Valid values for the Content parameter are:

Constant Description
pcBackground (1)

The image contains the background of the page.

pcHeadersAndFooters (2)

The image contains the header and the footer of the page.

pcMainText (4)

The image contains the page's text contents.

pcAll (7)

The image contains all parts.

Data Types

Number: Long
Content: Integer
Property value: Picture object


Read only, run time only.

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