TXTextControl.MisspelledWordDelete Method

Removes the specified misspelled word from a Text Control document. The method removes the word's reference in the list of misspelled words, but not the word's text in the document. If text is specified, this text replaces the word's text.

Introduced: 16.0.


TXTextControl.MisspelledWordDelete Number, CorrectedText
Parameter Description

Specifies the number of the misspelled word to remove. All misspelled words are counted from the beginning to the end of a document. The first word has the number 1.


Specifies corrected text. The current text of the word is replaced with this text. If an empty string is specified, the word's text remains the same.

Return Value

The method returns True when the operation could be performed, otherwise it returns False.

Data Types

Number: Long
CorrectedText: String
Return value: Boolean

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