Spell Checking


Property Description
TXTextControl.EnableSpellChecking Gets or sets a value indicating whether spell checking is active or not.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWordAtInputPos Gets the number of the misspelled word at the current text input position.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWordLength Gets the length of the misspelled word with the specified number.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWords Gets the current number of misspelled words.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWordStart Gets the zero-based position of the misspelled word with the specified number.


Method Description
TXTextControl.MisspelledWordDelete Removes the specified misspelled word from a Text Control document.


Event Description
TXTextControl.SpellCheckText Occurs, if the document's text has been altered and the spelling of the new text must be checked.