TXTextControl.ImageInsertFixed Method

This method inserts a new image at a fixed geometrical position. The text flows around the image.

Introduced: 12.0.


TXTextControl.ImageInsertFixed FileName, PageNo, PosX, PosY, ScaleX, ScaleY, TextFlow, DistanceL, DistanceT, DistanceR, DistanceB
Parameter Description

Specifies the image file with a full path name.


Specifies the number of the page where the image is inserted, beginning with number 1. If the ViewMode property has not been set to Page View, this parameter must be set to zero. In this case the PosY parameter specifies the position relative to the top of the control.


Specifies the image's horizontal position in twips relative to the left border of the page.


Specifies the image's vertical position in twips relative to the top border of the page or control.


Specifies a horizontal scaling factor as a percentage.


Specifies a vertical scaling factor as a percentage.


Specifies how text flows around the image. It can be one of the following values:

Value Description
2 The text stops at the top and continues at the bottom of the image.
3 The text flows around the image. Empty areas at the left and right side are filled.
DistanceL, DistanceT, DistanceR, DistanceB

Specifies distances, in twips, between the image and the document's text.

Return Value

The method returns the image's identifier, if a new image could be inserted. Otherwise, it returns zero. The image's identifier can also be obtained with the ObjectCurrent property.

Data Types

FileName:    String
PageNo:    Long
PosX:    Long
PosY:    Long
ScaleX:    Integer
ScaleY:    Integer
TextFlow:    Integer
DistanceL:    Integer
DistanceT:    Integer
DistanceR:    Integer
DistanceB:    Integer
Return value:    Integer

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