TXTextControl.ImageInsertAsChar Method

This method inserts a new image which is then handled like a single character in the text.

Introduced: 12.0.


TXTextControl.ImageInsertAsChar FileName, TextPos, ScaleX, ScaleY
Parameter Description

Specifies the image file with a full path name.


Specifies a text position where the image should be inserted. If TextPos is -1, the image is inserted at the current input position.


Specifies a horizontal scaling factor as a percentage.


Specifies a vertical scaling factor as a percentage.

Return Value

The method returns the image's identifier, if a new image could be inserted. Otherwise, it returns zero. The image's identifier can also be obtained with the ObjectCurrent property.

Data Types

FileName:    String
TextPos:    Long
ScaleX:    Integer
ScaleY:    Integer
Return value:    Integer

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