TXTextControl.FrameStyle Property

Returns or sets the style of the currently selected paragraphs' frames.


TXTextControl.FrameStyle [= value]
Setting Description
&H1 Draws a left frame line.
&H2 Draws a right frame line.
&H4 Draws a top frame line.
&H8 Draws a bottom frame line.
&H10 Draws a vertical line at each tab position.
&H20 Draws a single line.
&H40 Draws a doubled line.
&H80 Connects two sequential boxes to form a single box.
&H100 Resets an existing left line.
&H200 Resets an existing right line.
&H400 Resets an existing top line.
&H800 Resets an existing bottom line.
&H1000 Resets existing tabulator lines.
&H8000 Resets the connection of two sequential boxes.


The property returns -1 if the user selects two or more paragraphs which have different frame style settings.

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Run time only.

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