TXTextControl.FieldGoto Method

Sets the current input position to the beginning of the specified marked text field and scrolls the text so that this position is at the top of the control's visible text.


TXTextControl.FieldGoto FieldType, FieldIdOrName
Parameter Description

Specifies the type of the marked text field. See the Constants section of the FieldType property for valid values.


Identifies the marked text field to which should be scrolled. It must be a valid field identifier. For fields of the type txFieldLinkTarget this parameter can also be the name of the field. For fields of the type txFieldTopic this parameter can also be a valid topic number.

Return Value

If the field could be found the method returns True, otherwise it returns False.

Data Types

FieldType:    Integer
FieldIdOrName:    Integer or String
Return value:    Boolean

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