• TX Text Control .NET for WPF X12 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3524 Resources Batch file for the ResourceKit contains incorrect assembly names for web control Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3523 Text filters DOCX export: Unable to load generated document with MS Word Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3520 Text filters RTF import: Document causes 01-242A error Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3518 Images If an image is inserted the image object is still selectable, even if the image is out of view. Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3514 Text filters Soft hyphens are imported from HTML as a dash (-) Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3509 Other FormattingPrinter property slows loading operations down Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3508 Web Editor Web Control can not load internal ANSI format Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3507 Web Editor Mixed string resources in web editor Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3506 Text formatting Font changes to different one when a "Wingdings"-font is choosed and text typed Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3505 Text filters DOC export: Document causes 01-1D09 error. Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3504 Text filters HTML export: filter generates invalid xml Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3503 Image Filters When exporting embedded images as file references, the exported image files have no file extension Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3502 Bug If a Barcode is inserted as an image, the image is much too small Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3501 Bug A Barcode can not be copied through the clipboard Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3500 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-2426 Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3498 Samples TX Words WPF (ribbon and toolbar): Ctrl+V pastes twice Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3491 Text filters DOC/DOCX export: Widow/Orphan control setting error Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3483 Web Editor Resources cannot be found (404) Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3464 Text filters Text formatting is not saved in HTML if the formatted text uses Arial 12pt Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3411 Text filters DOCX: MS Word FormFields (legacy CheckBox, ...) are not longer imported into ApplicationFields Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3404 Text fields HyperTextLink.Target gets changed when HTML file is loaded with LoadSettings.ImageSearchPath set Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3403 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes 01-0A01 error. Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3396 Text filters If HTML is saved with inline CSS, the paragraph distances (before and after) are changed Fixed in X12 SP2
    TXT-3395 Selection "Classic" SelectionViewMode has a lot of refresh errors Fixed in X12 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF X12 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3497 Samples TX Words WPF Ribbon: NullReferenceException when pressing "Draft" button Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3495 Images Pasting a device-dependent bitmap from the clipboard generates an 03-1201 error Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3494 Samples TX Words Windows Forms: Deleting Barcode or Chart causes an exception Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3493 Other WPF: Text gets removed, if TextControl is placed on a TabPage in a TabControl and tabs are switched Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3492 Other WPF: TextControl cannot be used in a TabPage that is not the first tab page Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3490 Images Unable to load TIFF image Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3488 Dialog Boxes WPF: 01-0300-Exception on clicking OK in HyperlinkDialog Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3487 Samples WPF: TX Words "Table Tools" elements are disabled when input position is inside table Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3485 Other Incorrect caret visualization on clicking a bookmark hyper link Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3484 Web Editor Web.TextControl: Pressing ENTER in the header causes TX Text Control to freeze Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3482 Images Metafile image zooming error. Fixed in X12 SP1
    TXT-3390 Resources The OK and Cancel buttons for the Font dialog use the wrong strings in the resources Fixed in X12 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF X12
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3451 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes crash Fixed in X12
    TXT-3442 Text filters RTF import: Objects in headers/footers always in front of the text Fixed in X12
    TXT-3423 Text filters RTF import: Document causes 01-242F error. Fixed in X12
    TXT-3415 Text filters CSS import: "/*" in background image url causes crash Fixed in X12
    TXT-3413 Text filters HTML export: filter generates invalid xml Fixed in X12
    TXT-3412 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-2416 Fixed in X12
    TXT-3405 Text filters DOC import: Document causes 01-240D error. Fixed in X12
    TXT-3397 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-240D (consecutive font blocks of length zero) Fixed in X12
    TXT-3385 Text filters MS Word SUM field is not properly imported from DOC Fixed in X12
    TXT-3382 Web Editor Web editor: drop down menus don't close when clicking another button on Page Layout tab Fixed in X12
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