• TX Text Control .NET for WPF X10 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3347 Tables AccessViolationException caused when appending documents with tables Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3346 Text filters DOCX/DOC/RTF import: Document opens more than 100 pages. Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3278 Text filters DOCX import: Theme color not used for text color Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3269 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes access violation Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3261 Other GDI leak in StatusBar Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3259 Text filters DOCX export: Missing form field properties. Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3229 Text filters DOC/DOCX import: Missing text between numbered structured list levels Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3221 Text filters RTF export: Wrong numbered list values Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3220 Text filters CSS export: GDI leak Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3219 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes error 01-241F Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3214 Text filters HTML import: Field identifier not unique Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3212 Text filters PDF export: Missing hyperlinks Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3199 Text filters DOCX/DOC/RTF import: Wrong first page header/footer setting Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3196 Text filters HTML import: PRE tags in table cells can cause error 01-240F Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3174 Text filters HTML export: documents containing certain languages can not be saved as html Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3170 Dialog Boxes Dialog boxes using a TabControl are too small when being run from VS2012/2013 Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3164 Text filters RTF import:: Missing table Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3156 Text filters RTF import: Document causes 01-1D09 error Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3154 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes 03-1106 error Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3152 Text filters RTF import: Wrong font specified at begin of main document Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3147 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes crash in 64 bit version Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3146 Single OCX property LoadFromMemory method generates an 1-1D01 error Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3144 Text filters DOCX export: Zero left or right text distance value of a text frame not written Fixed in X10 SP2
    TXT-3136 Text filters DOCX: Saving Hyperlink with # does not work Fixed in X10 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF X10 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3118 Text formatting Change formatting of a selection does not work Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3117 Spellchecking Dictionary.Language causes exception in SpellCheckDialog if its value is null Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3115 Tables Major internal table error, table splitting Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3114 Text filters HTML import: Embedded base64 encoded images are not imported any more Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3111 Text filters DOCX import: 1d09 when loading specific docx file Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3108 Tables Resizing a table column causes GDI leak Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3107 Text filters HTML export: Font size information is not exported in some cases Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3105 Images Error 01-2C1E is thrown if a document with a MS WordArt graphic has been loaded and it is saved Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3104 Text filters HTML import: Exception when loading file with missing image Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3093 Tables Images in a table row right after a table header on a new page are not displayed Fixed in X10 SP1
    TXT-3024 Text fields FieldPosX returns right border of first field character and not the left border of the field Fixed in X10 SP1
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