• TX Spell .NET for WPF 3.0 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-2953 Other TX Spell context menu and dialog does not work if TX is derived Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2950 Other TX Spell is currently only checking the Window.Resources Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2945 Documentation MisspelledWordChanging and IncorrectWordChanging will only be fired if no TextControl spell… Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2938 Dictionaries sk_SK.dic causes crash on initilaizing Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2937 Property Method TXSpellChecker.AvailableDictionaries properties also lists dictionaries of default dictionaries… Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2936 Property Method Language Property in VS Property Window displayes dictionaries of subfolders Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2930 Property Method OpenOfficeDictionary.Language property gets incomplete CultureInfo value Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2834 Dictionaries On some words the CreateSuggestion method crashes with norwegian dictionaries Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2821 Property Method Ignored misspelled word is still shown as misspelled in the SpellCheckDialog Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2804 Property Method TX Spell 3.0 throws a System.IndexOutOfRangeException if the keyboard is set to French on a… Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2751 Dictionaries Italian dictionary can not be loaded Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2750 Dictionaries TX Spell 3.0 does not use the correct language settings Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2737 Other If a French Canadian keyboard is selected as input method, an e will be inserted as an é Fixed in 3.0 SP2
    SPELL-2714 Other E-Mail addresses are not handled properly when a delimiter is at the end Fixed in 3.0 SP2
  • TX Spell .NET for WPF 3.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-2723 Documentation Distributing your Applications/Redistributable Files contains wrong TX Spell version number Fixed in 3.0 SP1
    SPELL-2721 Other WPF: TXTextControl.Proofing.MenuItem is visible Fixed in 3.0 SP1
    SPELL-2715 Other Words in single quotes are marked as misspelled Fixed in 3.0 SP1
    SPELL-2708 Documentation TXSpell.IgnoreWord reference to IgnoreWordSettings enum references to IgnoreCaseSettings Fixed in 3.0 SP1
    SPELL-2706 Documentation Misleading IncorrectWordChangingEventArgs.WillBeDuplicate Property remarks Fixed in 3.0 SP1
    SPELL-2699 Other If a string starts with many numbers, but contains a character at some point, this will cause TX… Fixed in 3.0 SP1
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