• TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X15 SP3
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4099 Drag and Drop Text can be copied with drag and drop in ReadAndSelect EditMode with ReadOnly DocumentPermissions set Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-4089 Image Filters Image format can not be changed for embedded image data Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-4087 Text filters DOC, DOCX, RTF export: The document background color is saved even if the SaveDocumentBackColor property value is false. Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-4086 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-241D Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-4080 Text filters Hindi characters are not correctly saved to PDF Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-4017 Other It is not possible to share formatted text through the clipboard between TextControl in different threads Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-3985 N/A Internet Explorer provides empty RTF data that causes 01-1604 error in TX Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-3967 Tables Changed Event not fired for any property of TXTextControl.TableCellFormat class Fixed in X15 SP3
    TXT-3896 Spellchecking IgnoreAll button in the TextControl SpellcheckDialog does not work correctly Fixed in X15 SP3
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X15 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4056 N/A DataSourceManager.LoadSingleObject() fails when a public property throws an exception Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4052 Header and footer TXTextControl.TextEditorException: 'Invalid property value. (01-2600)' after loading RTF into Header twice Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4050 Text filters Editable regions in document are imported but not exported to DOCX format Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4048 MailMerge Merging Formatted HTML into Merge Fields is displayed in incorrect table cell Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4047 Text filters DOC, DOCX, RTF import: Different 'Headers and Footers' setting than in TX format Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4046 Ribbon Setting the FormattingPrinter property to "Display" causes a NullReference Exception of the PageSize ribbon menu button because the TXTextControl.TextControl.GetSupportedPaperSizes Method returns null Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4038 SubTextParts Adding a SubTextPart with long name causes intermittent "System.AccessViolation" Exception Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4028 Ribbon TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.RibbonProofingTab.FindItem Method returns null for items of ProofingSettingsGroup Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4023 Ribbon Adding a second ribbon group to a connected ribbon tab that is not selected causes NullReferenceException Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-4022 Resources XML parsing error in resource file Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-3988 Resources The strings for the color dialog ID_CHOOSECOLOR are in quotation marks Fixed in X15 SP2
    TXT-3987 Resources The ID_CHOOSECOLOR_ID_TEXT3 text field in the color dialog is not correctly aligned Fixed in X15 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X15 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4041 Tables Slow editing in a long table that consists of many paragraphs Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4040 N/A Protected regions can be edited using Backspace and Delete Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4036 Bug In TXTextControl.TextControl.EditMode ReadOnly a TextFrame can still be edited Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4029 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes 01-1D0C error Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4026 Text filters RTF import: Wrong paragraph formatting of the last paragraph Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4024 MailMerge NullReferenceException in DocumentServer in case of very long field text Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4020 Images Copying and pasting an Metafile into TX leads to an empty frame Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4019 Images Copying and pasting an image inside Text Control modifies the image Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4018 Text filters RTF export: Document with 'Code 128' font usage causes 01-1D09 error Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4004 Other While pasting HTML with the cursor over the Text Control using the Paste() method, the paste takes longer and the WaitCursor appears Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-4001 Undo Document causes 01-241F error upon saving after UnDo Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-3998 Samples TX Words: RibbonFrameLayoutTab won't be hidden on leaving an activated DrawingFrame Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-3994 MailMerge DataSourceManager: Certain data sources cause a StackOverflowException Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-3990 Ribbon Inserting 2 RibbonGroups at index 0 in the Home tab causes the Paste button to be moved to the last position Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-3935 Text filters Character styles are lost in DOCX format Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-3912 Text filters Last paragraph sign of an HTML document always contains the default font Arial 12 pt Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-3727 Spellchecking Setting EnableSpellChecking = True causes run-time error (ActiveX only) Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-1715 Text filters DOCX export: No character style references Fixed in X15 SP1
    TXT-945 Other If a Selection.Text is overwritten with an empty string, the Change event will not be fired Fixed in X15 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X15
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3986 Text filters PDF is not imported correctly Fixed in X15
    TXT-3984 MailMerge Method DataSourceManager.LoadAssembly does not include generic enumerable properties as possible merge blocks Fixed in X15
    TXT-3982 Ribbon KeyNotFoundException on using more than one TextControl for only one ribbon. Fixed in X15
    TXT-3980 Text filters RTF import: Missing paragraph frame Fixed in X15
    TXT-3976 Drawing Document with shapes with a width of 0.1 mm cause 01-2C1F error upon saving Fixed in X15
    TXT-3974 MailMerge DocumentServer: Unexpected "unexpected token" exception when encountering padding character (u0080) in JSON data Fixed in X15
    TXT-3972 Ribbon RibbonFrameLayoutTab: No german labels for "Properties" and Barcode "Colors & Alignment" groups Fixed in X15
    TXT-3971 Ribbon NullReferenceException is thrown, when FormattingPrinter Property is set to Display in the Designer Fixed in X15
    TXT-3970 Dialog Boxes Calling TextFrameAttributesDialog causes TextEditor Exception Fixed in X15
    TXT-3966 Text filters Lines are overlapping when displaying HTML exported from TX Text Control Fixed in X15
    TXT-3964 Dialog Boxes FormatShapesDialog throws exception when called in 32bit applications Fixed in X15
    TXT-3963 Text filters RTF import: Document causes error 01-1D02 Fixed in X15
    TXT-3949 SubTextParts Deleting a part of a SubTextPart damages the document's structure Fixed in X15
    TXT-3942 Text filters HTML import: large images can lead to negative width or height values internally Fixed in X15
    TXT-3940 Text filters HTML import: File with long text in BODY tag causes error 01-1D09 Fixed in X15
    TXT-3933 Setup TXDrawing.dll is not deleted from the bin/bin64 folders after generating the merge module Fixed in X15
    TXT-3925 Ribbon WinForms and WPF ribbon: "Load JSON File" does not work Fixed in X15
    TXT-3921 Spellchecking Suggestions are not created for UserDictionary in the SpellCheckDialog Fixed in X15
    TXT-3906 Tables Invalid Property Value (01-3209) when assigning Table IDs inside the TableCreated Event Fixed in X15
    TXT-3897 Text formatting Inserting an RTF document with an image causes formatting change Fixed in X15
    TXT-3895 Ribbon Ribbon causes "Parameter not valid" exception after instantiating it 56 times Fixed in X15
    TXT-3887 MailMerge MailMerge: "Old" ImageMergeField should be merged with image data from the data source Fixed in X15
    TXT-3883 N/A RibbonInsertTab->Insert Table gallery: Navigating with arrow keys only selects one 'table celll' (RibbonListViewItem) Fixed in X15
    TXT-3878 Text filters If a left indent is set with margin-left in HTML, the text is displayed invisible out of the page margins Fixed in X15
    TXT-3852 Text filters Redundant formatting information is stored in HTML Fixed in X15
    TXT-3845 Context menu ContextMenu of Text in Textframe pops up in the upper left corner Fixed in X15
    TXT-3789 Spellchecking TextControl spell check context menu does not work in text frames in headers or footers Fixed in X15
    TXT-3786 Undo Undo extends ApplicationField Fixed in X15
    TXT-2210 Text fields Undo includes text in front of a textfield into the textfield Fixed in X15
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