• TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X13 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3791 N/A Conversion of DocumentTarget based merge blocks to SubTextParts leads to invalid merge blocks Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3787 Text filters Alpha value (transparency) is not imported in HTML Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3783 Images Text in TextControl no longer editable after removing a SubTextPart or TextField while an image is selected Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3781 N/A Access violation during a load operation Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3778 SubTextParts Undo deletes all SubTextParts in document Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3775 N/A Deleting a SubTextPart corrupts the document and causes error 01-241A Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3774 Undo Undo stops working after textControl1.Selection.Text = ""; Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3773 Text filters HTML import: Tables with rowspan spanning multiple text blocks can cause error 01-241D Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3770 Text filters Large images in HTML files can lead to out of memory exception Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3769 Text filters DOCX import: Paragraph Indentation firstLine / hanging attributes inheritance error Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3759 Undo If the EditMode is set after BeginUndoAction, previously typed text is lost Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3758 Text filters RTF import: Document causes 01-0801 error. Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3756 Images An Image is shown in a wrong low resolution Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3750 Images GDI leak in Image Control Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3748 Web Editor Can not bring up virtual keyboard in web editor since iOS 9.2 Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3743 Text filters RTF import: Document causes 01-2437 error Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3738 Text filters HTML import: superfluous paragraph is created in long text Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3734 Text filters TX Format: Loading document in 23.0 with bullet character created in version 22.0 will be imported as square Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3721 Text filters RTF export: Missing section break Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3719 Text filters RTF import: Missing contents after loading non-conforming RTF files Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3715 Text filters RTF import: Wrong text language Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3711 SubTextParts A document with subtextparts saved in TX format cannot be loaded when the document has more than 32k text. Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3710 Styles After deleting a paragraph with a style, the next paragraph will not get the new stlye attributes immediately Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3709 Header and footer HeaderFooter.Deactivate Method always returns false Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3705 Button Bar The control character button can not be deactivated with a single click after initialization Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3551 Text filters Plus character gets converted to space if it is part of a URL Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3530 Text filters Parameters are cut off from URLs in an HTML file Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3425 Tables Content is missing on the second page of a merged table cell when printed Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3401 Text filters DOCX/DOC/RTF export: Document causes 01-1D09 error. Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3399 Text filters RTF import: Wrong text language Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3181 Text filters The HTML filter does not support nested blockquotes Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3159 Text filters If a bulleted list at level 2 is saved in HTML, the indent is increased with every load/save. Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-2983 Tables Inline images cannot be aligned vertically in table cells Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-1347 Text filters HTML export: Superscripted text broken across paragraphs doesnt comply with 4.0 standard Fixed in X13 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X13
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3683 Bug Loading a document containing even and odd headers/footers generates an 01-041A error Fixed in X13
    TXT-3655 Bug DocumentServer: FieldAdapter.ShowDialog() throws exception in C++/CLI WinForms applications Fixed in X13
    TXT-3576 MailMerge NullReferenceException in GetBlockFieldNames Fixed in X13
    TXT-3550 Text filters HTML import: image data URIs without data cause crash Fixed in X13
    TXT-3545 Tables TableColumn.Width mit verschmolzenen Zellen funktioniert nicht richtig Fixed in X13
    TXT-3541 Images WPF: Image handles do no occur if image is inserted in a text frame Fixed in X13
    TXT-3536 Text filters HTML import: symbol font in style attribute of OL or UL tag overwrites list item fonts Fixed in X13
    TXT-3534 Text filters DOC export: Wrong line spacing Fixed in X13
    TXT-3519 Images An image's anchor is scrolled into view if an image has been inserted with InsertionMode = Square Fixed in X13
    TXT-3513 MailMerge DocumentServer: WPF merge field dialogs vanish after switching applications Fixed in X13
    TXT-3512 Sections Error 01-041A is caused if invalid section information are written to file and the file is loaded Fixed in X13
    TXT-3398 MailMerge ImageMerged event is only fired for merged images Fixed in X13
    TXT-1973 Tables If you want to insert a blank line between two tables, Split(TXTextControl.TableAddPosition.After) does not work correctly. Fixed in X13
    TXT-1539 Header and footer If text is selected in an activated header, Selection.Text returns the whole text from the main text Fixed in X13
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