• TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 4.0 SP3
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3287 Spellchecking TXSpell.Check(string text, CultureInfo language) does not use all enabled dictionaries if… Fixed in 4.0 SP3
    SPELL-3277 Suggestions English dictionary: Creating suggestions for the string "Sug" causes an exception Fixed in 4.0 SP3
    SPELL-3270 Dictionaries Exception when many instances are created immediately successively Fixed in 4.0 SP3
    SPELL-3225 Dialog System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when clicking on "Ignore Once" in the… Fixed in 4.0 SP3
    SPELL-3211 Suggestions TargetInvocationException: By opening contextmenu for word "Rza" (Culture: "en-US") in .Net… Fixed in 4.0 SP3
  • TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 4.0 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3169 Other WF-OptionsDialog: Faulty display of NumericUpDowns in hyphenation tabs group box on medium… Fixed in 4.0 SP2
    SPELL-3168 Other WPF-OptionsDialog: Groupbox of hyphenation tab has no bottom border Fixed in 4.0 SP2
    SPELL-3161 Other Acceletrator keys M and S are not working in the spell check dialog Fixed in 4.0 SP2
    SPELL-3150 Property Method IgnoreCaseSettings.AllUpper causes all UPPERCASE word to be ignored Fixed in 4.0 SP2
    SPELL-3145 OptionsDialog WPF: Closing the UserDictionaries dialog from the Options dialog without creating a user… Fixed in 4.0 SP2
    SPELL-3142 Dictionaries txSpellChecker1.GetMenuItems causes System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Fixed in 4.0 SP2
    SPELL-3139 Property Method SpellCheckDialog.SuggestionDictionaryComboBox.IsAllItemSelected does not set the All item Fixed in 4.0 SP2
  • TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 4.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3126 Dictionaries The words Dana and Dara cause an exception on using the Kurdish dictionary Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3125 Dictionaries OpenOfficeDictionaries with BREAK-Begin flags cause exception on spell checking Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3124 Dictionaries The word MobileReference causes an exception with English dictionaries Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3122 Dictionaries Output shows ArgumentException on creating dictionary with invalid language name Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3119 Hyphenation A System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown if a HyphenationList is used that has been loaded… Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3116 Dictionaries Proofing.HyphenationList Constructor HyphenationList(String) throws error Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3113 OptionsDialog GroupBox labels must end with colons Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3112 Dictionaries Dictionary.Language causes exception in SpellCheckDialog if its value is null Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3102 Other CreateSuggestions on trial: TXSpell.Suggestions still contains previous created suggestion after… Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-3101 OptionsDialog OptionsDialog: Groupbox of hyphenation tab has no bottom border Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-2964 Other TX Spell stops working after 25+ hyphens have been entered followed by any character Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-2960 Property Method In some cases incorrect words with hyphens wont be underlined correctly Fixed in 4.0 SP1
    SPELL-2959 Spellchecking Misspelled words with hyphens wont be underlined correctly Fixed in 4.0 SP1
  • TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 4.0
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3054 Property Method IndexOutOfRangeException when CreateSuggestions is used with the word applis with the French… Fixed in 4.0
    SPELL-2975 Other Words with hyphens cannot identified as duplicated words if the other word does not have that hyphen Fixed in 4.0
    SPELL-2974 Other Break character wont be handled at upper cased word parts Fixed in 4.0
    SPELL-2971 Other Incorrect word wont be recognized if followed by Email Fixed in 4.0
    SPELL-2957 Other Correct written compounded words with hyphens cause crash. Fixed in 4.0
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