• TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 2.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-2512 OptionsDialog WF-UserDictionaryDialog: Checkbox has no effect on UserDictionary.IsEditable property Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    SPELL-2483 Other Language == (none) should not throw an exception when no default dictionary folder exists. Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    SPELL-2473 Dictionaries RemoveAllWords method does not work on loaded user dictionaries. Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    SPELL-2468 Dictionaries The word transferr is not an incorrect word in TXSpell Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    SPELL-2434 OptionsDialog Dictionary names wont be displayed in OptionsDialog Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    SPELL-2421 Other Duplicated words in UserDictionary - EditWordList dialog Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    SPELL-2389 Other Wrong dialog layout Fixed in 2.0 SP1
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