• TX Text Control ActiveX X16 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4185 Text fields Inserted text is added to a field's text Fixed in X16 SP2
    TXT-4170 Text filters DOC, DOCX and RTF import: Missing editable region Fixed in X16 SP2
    TXT-4157 Text Frames TextFrame.Name is not exported correctly to DOCX, DOC and RTF Fixed in X16 SP2
    TXT-4140 Text filters DOC Export: Wrong text formatting Fixed in X16 SP2
    TXT-4121 Undo Undo removes field additional to text Fixed in X16 SP2
    TXT-3790 Lists List items (bullets and numbers) are not formatted equally Fixed in X16 SP2
  • TX Text Control ActiveX X16 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4155 Text filters PDF export: Text contains TX specific end of line hyphen control characters Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4145 Images The program hangs during loading of an image Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4134 Text filters Excel import: Reference is not correctly imported Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4122 Drag and Drop Text drag and drop does not work inside headers and footers Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4108 Text filters Image as fixed object is not kept in the background when saving to RTF Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4082 Text filters Text of vertically merged table cells is not displayed after page break in PDF format Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4074 Text filters HTML Export: sup/sub tags are not closed Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4058 Text filters Character background color is not exported to HTML for Arial 12 pt Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-4057 Text filters HTML: Formatting gets lost when exporting to HTML Fixed in X16 SP1
    TXT-3899 Text filters RTF export: Wrong alternative text for structured lists Fixed in X16 SP1
  • TX Text Control ActiveX X16
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4089 Image Filters Image format can not be changed for embedded image data Fixed in X16
    TXT-4087 Text filters DOC, DOCX, RTF export: The document background color is saved even if the SaveDocumentBackColor property value is false. Fixed in X16
    TXT-4086 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-241D Fixed in X16
    TXT-4056 N/A DataSourceManager.LoadSingleObject() fails when a public property throws an exception Fixed in X16
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