• TX Text Control ActiveX X14 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3923 Text filters DOCX to HTML conversion creates invalid XHTML Fixed in X14 SP2
    TXT-3917 Refresh The text is not correctly refreshed if an image's size is decreased Fixed in X14 SP2
    TXT-3907 Text Frames TextFrame FrameLine Property is not memorized after saving. Fixed in X14 SP2
    TXT-3904 Text filters CSS import: background color can not be set with shorthand property Fixed in X14 SP2
    TXT-3885 Text filters RTF import: Illegal tab stop positions Fixed in X14 SP2
    TXT-3882 Text filters HTML import: Misnested META tag inside TR tag causes application crash Fixed in X14 SP2
    TXT-3851 Bug Paragraph background color and paragraph colored borders are not exported to HTML Fixed in X14 SP2
    TXT-3828 Text filters HTML import: Text Control hangs when loading an HTML file Fixed in X14 SP2
  • TX Text Control ActiveX X14 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3862 Tables AccessViolationException during mail merge when inserting large tables into other tables Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3855 Other ZoomFactor of 3001 causes System.DivideByZeroException' Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3854 Text formatting If a style with Wingdings font is applied to a text, the font is not used Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3827 Sections Error 01-041D when inserting specific document into another Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3784 Printing and Print Preview Table row which breaks across pages overwrites header rows Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3780 Refresh Zooming while header is activated causes word wrap Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3779 Refresh Field background is not refreshed on right click Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3763 Text filters PDF export: Unwanted ligatures Fixed in X14 SP1
    TXT-3762 Text filters RTF import: Wrong symbol font characters Fixed in X14 SP1
  • TX Text Control ActiveX X14
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3820 Text filters CSS import: whitespace character in rgb and rgba functional notation causes crash Fixed in X14
    TXT-3788 N/A HyperlinkDialog: After inserting a hyperlink, not possible to leave it Fixed in X14
    TXT-3766 Text fields Doubled input position between two 1 character fields not accessible when steeping backwards Fixed in X14
    TXT-3752 Text filters HTML import: not all invalid control characters are ignored Fixed in X14
  • TX Text Control ActiveX
    ID Keyword Description Opened
    TXT-3814 Text filters RTF import: Missing text language for umlauts more than 2 months ago
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