• TX Text Control ActiveX X13 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3787 Text filters Alpha value (transparency) is not imported in HTML Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3783 Images Text in TextControl no longer editable after removing a SubTextPart or TextField while an image is selected Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3781 N/A Access violation during a load operation Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3773 Text filters HTML import: Tables with rowspan spanning multiple text blocks can cause error 01-241D Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3770 Text filters Large images in HTML files can lead to out of memory exception Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3769 Text filters DOCX import: Paragraph Indentation firstLine / hanging attributes inheritance error Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3759 Undo If the EditMode is set after BeginUndoAction, previously typed text is lost Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3758 Text filters RTF import: Document causes 01-0801 error. Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3756 Images An Image is shown in a wrong low resolution Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3738 Text filters HTML import: superfluous paragraph is created in long text Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3718 Single OCX property Mouse cursor does not change correctly in Delphi/C++ if moved over a field or text (OCX only) Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3710 Styles After deleting a paragraph with a style, the next paragraph will not get the new stlye attributes immediately Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3551 Text filters Plus character gets converted to space if it is part of a URL Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3530 Text filters Parameters are cut off from URLs in an HTML file Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-3425 Tables Content is missing on the second page of a merged table cell when printed Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-2983 Tables Inline images cannot be aligned vertically in table cells Fixed in X13 SP1
    TXT-1347 Text filters HTML export: Superscripted text broken across paragraphs doesnt comply with 4.0 standard Fixed in X13 SP1
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