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August 2017
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Are we moving to the cloud?
Digitizing your operations and documents Are we moving to the cloud?

Digital transformation changed every process in today's business world. The number of e-commerce transactions skyrocket and supply chains are fully connected. In nearly any business process, documents and reports need to be designed, created, shared and archived. Read why companies who are not digitizing their operations and documents will be left behind and how we can help.

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Sneak Peek X15: Mini Toolbar

Inspired by Microsoft Word, the new mini toolbar coming in version X15 is a small version of the full ribbon toolbar providing the most common formatting features. The mini toolbar appears when text is selected or selected text is right-clicked.

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MailMerge: Table headers and repeating blocks

When using table headers and repeating blocks in combination in a MailMerge process, there are some things you need to know before creating your templates.

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Sneak Peek X15: Contextual chart ribbon tabs

For version X15 (25.0), we implemented a new visual interface to insert and manipulate chart objects in Windows Forms and the ASP.NET editor. You can choose from 36 pre-designed, Microsoft Word inspired, chart types using the Chart drop-down button. We also changed the default style including fonts and colors to match the chart type styles of Microsoft Word.

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Sneak Peek X15: Keeping table rows together

A unique advantage of Flow Type Layout Reporting is the possibility to control the layout using typical word processing rules and constraints. Paragraphs have attributes that control the flow and behavior when breaking across pages. Pagination is done automatically in TX Text Control, but can be controlled finely tuned.

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Uploading templates vs. sending templates

Our reporting Web API ReportingCloud provides two different ways to upload templates for merging processes. This article explains when to upload templates and when to send templates with the merge process.

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Retrieving template information

ReportingCloud provides an extensive API to manage templates. You can upload, list, count, delete and download templates from the ReportingCloud template storage. But it also provides endpoints to retrieve data structure information from a template.

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