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April 2016
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Text Control at DevIntersection 2016
See Text Control in Orlando at DevIntersection Text Control at DevIntersection 2016

From April 16 - 22, 2016, we are exhibiting at the DEVIntersection in Orlando, Florida. The DevIntersection is the umbrella conference name for 6 conferences: Visual Studio intersection, ASP.NET intersection, Azure intersection, SQL intersection, SharePoint intersection and Office 365 intersection.

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Using an Azure Load Balancer with Web.TextControl

LOB (line of business) applications are often deployed with a Load Balancer that distributes incoming traffic to healthy virtual machines or cloud services. When deploying an application, that uses the HTML5-based Web.TextControl, picking the right distribution algorithm is important.

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Feature preview HTML5: Client clipboard

Even though our next release is still far away (we have a release cycle for major versions between 9 and 12 months), we would like to present new features and ideas regularly. We are working on additional features for all .NET platforms including Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET.

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Applying paragraph styles from a master template

Styles are typically used to change the formatting consistently across a complete document. Specifically when merging templates using the MailMerge class, it makes sense to keep all styles in a separate master template in order to apply those styles to all other templates. This sample project shows how to apply the paragraph styles of a master template to a loaded document based on style names.

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MVC: Loading a document in view code

The LoadText method accepts a physical file, a FileStream, a string or a byte array to load documents into the web editor. This sample shows how to load a document in the controller and pass it as a ViewModel to the view in order to load a document.

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Meet Text Control at the Magdeburger Developer Days

For the first time, the Magdeburger Developer Days conference is coming to Magdeburg, Germany with sessions about .NET, Java, HTML and ALM. In more than 20 sessions, speakers such as Daniel Meixner, Daniel Fisher, Dr. Holger Schwichtenberg and Rainer Stropek are talking about topics such as ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, "defensive" programming and Visual Studio.

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