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January 2015
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>What sets Text Control Reporting apart?
What sets Text Control Reporting apart? >What sets Text Control Reporting apart?

Text Control Reporting combines the power of a reporting tool and an easy-to-use word processor - fully programmable and embeddable in your .NET application.

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Style Preview: New Ribbon icons and style

At NDC London, we presented a new internal beta version of the HTML5 based rich edit control and reporting template designer with stunning new features and a complete new style and layout.

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Using barcodes in business documents

In today's processes, barcodes are included everywhere: Invoices, delivery notes or boarding passes. Barcodes are used to store digital data on paper that can be acquired easily for further processing using laser-based scanners, cameras or mobile phones.

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Merge CheckBoxes during the merge process

TX Text Control's reporting engine MailMerge supports commonly used fields compatible with the mail merge functionality of MS Word including MergeFields, IncludeText fields and Date fields. MergeFields that are merged automatically during the MailMerge merge process can be also combined with form fields such as checkboxes.

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TX Text Control X12 preview at BASTA! Spring 2015

In February, we are exhibiting at the renowned .NET conference BASTA! Spring 2015 (Feb. 24-26). Since many years, we are supporting this conference as sponsors and exhibitors and we are very happy to do so this year. We are going to present the next version of TX Text Control (X12) at the expo floor.

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