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Word Processing in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Traditionally, applications are installed on all PCs in a network. For example, in an office environment, every PC has a word processor installed on its local hard drive.

Not only is it expensive to purchase a license for every PC, but also maintenance intensive to keep all PCs up to date. Every time a service pack or bug fix is released, a system administrator has to go to every PC to install it.

There must be a better way.

Internet Explorer based Applications

By running TX Text Control ActiveX in Internet Explorer, all clients in the local network or the Internet can access a word processing application, using their browser.

For this week's newsletter, we have prepared a fully featured word processing application that runs in Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer.

Step #1: Setup Internet Explorer

Before you dive in, however, please read the following page that tells you how to set up your browser to allow ActiveXes to run:

Followed the instructions on the above page?

Step #2: Run Sample Application

Please proceed to the sample application:

Step #3: Download Source Code

Please download the source code to try out the sample application on your own server. Due to licensing restrictions, we have not included the and tx.lpk files in the archive. You will need to obtain your own signed CAB file.

Use the Sample Application for Day-To-Day Word Processing

Feel free to use this sample application to load and save your own documents. For example, if every you need to convert a DOC file to PDF, just load it into the above application and select 'Export' from the 'File', enter a filename and click 'Save' to save the document as a PDF file to your local hard disk.

If you need some assistance, please contact the TX Text Control Support Department. We are here to help you:

Best regards

The Newsletter Team

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