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Special Offer: Team License - Buy 2 licenses, get 2 free, Download FREE Update

If you order 4 full or update version of TX Text Control, you only need to pay for 2. That is a 50% discount.

To take advantage of this special offer, select the products in the TX Text Control Store whose product code has the word Team in it.

For example, if you would like to order 4 copies of TX Text Control ActiveX, you would select one of the following:

  • TX ActiveX Professional Team
  • TX ActiveX Enterprise Team

Similarly, if you would like to purchase 4 copies of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms, you would select one of the following:

  • TX .NET Professional Team
  • TX .NET Enterprise Team

Remember, although you are ordering four copies, you will only have to pay for two.

Act now and save up to USD 3996.00. Order online at:

Have you ordered your free update yet?

Last week, we released TX Text Control ActiveX 11.0 and TX Text Control ActiveX Server 11.00. If you purchased a copy of either of these products in the four weeks prior to the release date, you are entitled to a free update.

If you qualify for a free update, please have your current serial number ready.

Once your serial number has been validated by the TX Text Control Sales Department, you will receive details on how to download the free update by e-mail.

If you need help with the new version, please take a look at the recently relaunched support section of the new TX Text Control web site for a wide number of support channels. Our support engineers are waiting to assist you with every aspect of TX Text Control. Remember, all technical support is free of charge!

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