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Special Update Offer - 1 day left, Scrolling in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms

Update your old TX Text Control now - Only 1 day left

The special offer that we announced two weeks ago has now only one more day to run.

For the next 24 hours, we are offering updates from any old version of TX Text Control to the current version 10.1. This includes cross updates from ActiveX to .NET.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to upgrade your application with the latest word processing features.

Please order online at:
url removed, as offer over

This offer is valid until February 25, 2004 @ 23:59 C.E.T.

How to scroll to a specific position using TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms has been rebuilt from scratch, so that the developer can take advantage of the flexible and efficient object oriented class design. Due to the fact that TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms uses the standard structures and conventions of the .NET framework, return values can be used without any recasting - even in collaboration with other third-party components.

In this week's sample application, the return value from the InputPosition class can be used with the ScrollLocation property as both use the System.Drawing.Point structure.

The sample application illustrates how to scroll to a specific bookmark in the document. It is based on the shipped sample Fields3. When a field is chosen from the combo box, the current input position is set to the start position of the field. Once this has happened, the location can be retrieved with the InputPosition.Location property. The return value will be used with the ScrollLocation property to scroll to the specific field.

For Each Field In tx.TextFields If (Field.Name = ComboBox1.Text) Then Dim sp As Integer Dim sl As New System.Drawing.Point ' get the character index from the text field sp = Field.Start() ' set the input positon tx.Selection.Start = sp - 1 ' get the coordinates from the current input position sl.X = tx.InputPosition.Location.X sl.Y = tx.InputPosition.Location.Y tx.ScrollLocation = sl End If Next

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