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Special Update Offer, Load method's CurSelection in TX .NET

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The special offer that we announced last week has only one more week to run.

For one more week only, we are offering updates from any old version of TX Text Control to the current version 10.1. This includes cross updates from ActiveX to .NET.

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This offer is valid until February 25, 2004.

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms: Load method's CurSelection - where is it?

We often get the question:

'Where is the CurSelection parameter of the Load method in the .NET version of TX Text Control?'

In TX Text Control ActiveX, this parameter specifies that the loaded data replaces the current selection or is inserted at the current input position.

Due to the new, more effective, object oriented class design of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms, this has been changed a little bit. Beside the main Load method there is a Load method in the Selection class. The Selection class handles the attributes of a text selection in the document. The Selection.Load method replaces the selected text or inserts it at the current input position. Consider the following Visual Basic .NET source code:

TextControl1.Selection.Load("c:\document.doc", TXTextControl.StreamType.MSWord)

The new text is read from a file, a byte array or a string. The Selection class also has a Save method, which saves the selected text with a specified format.

If you would like to learn more about how to port your TX Text Control ActiveX project to the new TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms, please have a look at the documentation.

You can try it yourself with the trial version of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms which can be downloaded here.

We wish you a lot of success with this tip. As always, we are delighted to help you with any matter relating to TX Text Control. Call us or e-mail us.

Best regards

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