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Server version now shipping, Easy spell checking for TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms

TX Text Control ActiveX Server is now shipping

We are very happy to announce that TX Text Control ActiveX Server - the server-side, fully programmable ASP word processor engine - is now shipping. Learn more, download the trial version and place an order.

Using RapidSpell Desktop Spelling Checker with TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms

In this week's newsletter, we would like to show you how to integrate the successful spelling checker Keyoti (manufacturer of RapidSpell).

This sample application illustrates the TX Text Control Words sample with integrated spell-as-you-type functionality. Spelling errors are highlighted as the user types, cuts/pastes, block deletes and loads files. Right-clicking on a highlight presents a popup context menu with suggestions and options to 'Ignore All' or 'Add' to user dictionary.

Only one instance of RapidSpellAsYouType is needed for all TX Text Control instances on a form. As RapidSpell Desktop .NET contains a special adapter, no programming is necessary to implement the spell checking.

This source code snippet shows the additional line in the frmMDIChild_Load event:

private void frmMDIChild_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { TextControl1.RulerBar = TxRulerBar1; TextControl1.ButtonBar = m_MainFormButtonBar; TextControl1.StatusBar = m_MainFormStatusBar; FileHandler1.TextControl = TextControl1; FileHandler1.DocumentDirty = false; if (m_LoadFileOnCreate) { if(!FileHandler1.FileOpen()) return; if(FileHandler1.DocumentFileName != "") this.Text = FileHandler1.DocumentFileName; } rapidSpellAsYouType.TextComponent = new Keyoti.RapidSpell._ TXTextControlAdapter( TextControl1 ); }

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 10.0 trial or retail version is required for this sample application. A trial version of the RapidSpell Desktop .NET is included in the sample.

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