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TX Text Control ActiveX Server v10.1 BETA is released

We are delighted to announce that today sees an addition to the TX Text Control family. This afternoon, we released TX Text Control ActiveX Server v10.1 BETA.

The ActiveX Server version is a server control that can be deployed on Microsoft Internet Information Server and offers many of TX Text Control's rich word processing features. For a detailed overview of you can do with TX Text Control ActiveX Server v10.1, please take a look at:

The ActiveX documentation has been updated to incorporate the newly added version. For full details, take a look at the chapter 'ASP User's Guide':

Currently, it is in beta and thus should not be used in any production server applications. However, if you are interested in testing TX Text Control ActiveX Server v10.1 BETA, please take a look at

There you will find a Licensing Agreement that must be printed, filled out and faxed back to us. Once we have received the agreement, we will issue you with access to the TX Text Control Store that will allow you to download the beta version.

We wish you a lot of success with the new TX Text Control ActiveX Server v10.1 BETA. As always, we are delighted to help you with any matter relating to TX Text Control. Call us or e-mail us! Full contact details at:

Additionally, please post all comments into the newly added 'TX Text Control ActiveX Server' forum.

Best regards

The Newsletter Team

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