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New Support Forum is now online

After four days of down time, the new TX Text Control support forum is now online. We have updated the forum software to the latest version, and are adding groups for the upcoming .NET version, as well as TX Text Control's sister product, IC Imaging Control.

Please note that all posts to the TX Text Control Support forum are being moderated before they publicly appear. We have been forced to execute this drastic step as the amount of incorrect information and off topic discussions lead to the usefulness of the forum being seriously diminished. Indeed, we have received numerous complaints that the information offered by users is simply incorrect.

Especially older posts often described ways of programming around certain limitations or missing features, but do not mention that they apply to a 5 years old version, and are neither relevant nor applicable to the current version. Our support staff will therefore check all older posts in the old forum and clean them up in the next few days.

The goal of the TX Text Control Support Forum is to offer a rich source of programming advice concerning the TX Text Control product, enabling the rapid transfer of experience from TX Text Control support workers and experienced TX Text Control users to new users. We are certain the new forum will provide you with an even richer source of programming information that will enable us to serve you better.

Best regards

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