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Building a Quote Generator with XML

Building a Quote Generator with XML

This week we are looking at how XML can improve database and office applications. Take a look at this tutorial to see an updated version of the TX Text Control Quote Generator that uses XML.

You may also want to /downloads/trials/" linktext="download the Enterprise/XML Technology Preview, so you can use the new XML functionality in your own applications.

Affordable imaging library for Delphi and Borland C++ Builder

GraphicEx is a inexpensive library, which allows to load all kind of images into your application. It comes with full Delphi source code and provides access to 15+ images formats in a wealth of different flavors. There is, among many others, support for PNG, GIF and TIF images as well as Photoshop PSD, Paintshop Pro PSP, Kodak Photo-CD PCD and SGI Alias/Wavefront RLA formats.

GraphicEx is fully integrated into Delphi's image support. Hence you only need to include one unit anywhere in your project (or a package) and TPicture allows to load all these formats.

A very special and unique feature of GraphicEx is its ability to determine an image format from streams/memory, where no file extension is available. This allows seamless integration with databases or other stream based storage.

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