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How To Use TX Text Control With Two Button Bars

How To Use TX Text Control With Two Button Bars

Since version 9.0 of Text Control, it is possible to customize TX Text Control's button bar to suit your own needs. For example, if you do not want the style configuration box, you can just leave it out.

But this feature also allows you to use two button bars with TX Text Control - each one having its own different buttons.

Now, how can I do that if I only have one ButtonBarHandle property to assign a button bar to?

You will need a way to update both button bars when a change occurs. Here is code snippet to do exactly that:

Sub UpdateButtonBars() If TXTextControl1.ButtonBarHandle = TXButtonBar1.hWnd Then TXTextControl1.ButtonBarHandle = TXButtonBar2.hWnd TXTextControl1.ButtonBarHandle = TXButtonBar1.hWnd Else TXTextControl1.ButtonBarHandle = TXButtonBar1.hWnd TXTextControl1.ButtonBarHandle = TXButtonBar2.hWnd End If End Sub

This procedure checks which button bar is currently assigned to TX Text Control and changes it to the other button bar. That is all that you need for an update.

Then, all you have to do is call UpdateButtonBars, whenever a change to the document occurs and it will seem as though both button bars are active.

Download the demo project to see how it works in detail.

The TX Text Control Press Center

On our previous web site, the TX Text Control Press Center was a darken back-alley. However, over the past years we have collected quite a substantial amount of press related documents. We therefore thought that it would be important for historic reference to create an archive of material that has been published about TX Text Control.

In the section 'press releases' you will find a good number of press releases for TX Text Control. As we publish new ones, they will also be archived here. But more importantly, as we continue to search through our archive tapes and find old press releases, we will add them to the list.

Second up on the page is a section entitled 'reviews'. These are reviews that have appeared in printed magazines and on various web sites during the past years. There are certainly more reviews that those which appear here - we shall continue to add to this page, as we come across them in our archives.

And finally in position number three you will see a section entitled 'print advertising'. Each month TX Text Control is featured in a number of programming journals and reseller catalogs. In this section, you can see a quick overview of each print advert. You can click on the titles and a high quality PDF version of exactly what was printed can be downloaded. Again, the progression of these advertisements shows the natural progression of TX Text Control.

Generally speaking, we hope that you enjoy these pages and that the printed adverts give you some motivation and ideas on how to improve on your applications.

Atelier Web Network Security Tools

Atelier Web specializes in Network Security Tools, most of them built within the Delphi environment.

The flagship product is AWSPS, which can be found in businesses all over the World, including a large number of well known companies, as well as in thousands of small ventures and individuals. Our blue-chip customers include IBM, Microsoft, Compac, Bank of America, Alcatel, Deutsche Post, McDonalds, Danfoss and a large number security agencies and institutions. Atelier Web sports a couple of Delphi components, with a particular note to the AW Capi control (free as ActiveX).
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