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Creating an Enhanced Print Preview in Delphi

Creating an Enhanced Print Preview in Delphi

After a substantial number of requests from TX Text Control Delphi users, we have created a print preview (like the one in the VB MDI demo and TXWords sample applications) for Delphi.

The handling is quite easy. Simply include the form in your project. To let the print preview show up, use the following code:


TX is the TX Text Control instance that should be previewed.

The print preview is integrated into the all-new MDI demo for Delphi. It now has the same features as the VB and C++ sample applications (i.e. headers and footers, styles and lists).

As ever, you can download the Delphi source code. See for yourself how easy adding print preview to Delphi really can be.

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Recommended Delphi Site #2: Delphi's Community from Rio Preto

Take a look at this Brazilian Delphi community. Launched only this year, it has already become one of Brazil's top sites for Delphi. They offer a good selection of components, tips, FAQs, articles, examples, tools, and much more. English version available:

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