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50% discount on 4 TX Text Control Prof v9 licenses

50% discount on 4 TX Text Control Prof v9 licenses

After a large number of enquires, we released yesterday a new license for TX Text Control. The "4 Developer Team License" permits four programmers to develop with TX Text Control Professional v9.

The cost for this license is only 50% of the cost of four normal professional licenses. In other words, when you purchase four licenses, you only pay for two. You will receive four serial numbers, which allocate you four licenses. Please take a look at the pricing table for exact details.

Note that this offer is only applicable to the professional version of TX Text Control and not to the standard version.

As you can see from the price table, should you own an older version of TX Text Control (v6, v7, v8) you can also update to the new 4 Developer Team License with a 50 % discount on the normal update price for four licenses.

To take advantage of this special offer and order four licenses for the price of two, please use the TX Text Control Store. The entire order and fulfillment process can be complete in two minutes:

We have introduced this license due to popular demand. However, we are always very interested in hearing your feedback about TX Text Control. We would therefore be delighted if you would post any comments and / or critique about the 4 Developer Team License here in the discussion forum.

Thank you in advance.

ProDelphi and ProKylix

ProDelphi and ProKylix - source code profilers DebugDelphi - debug terminal for Delphi

With ProDelphi/ProKylix you can measure the runtime of your Delphi or Kylix application.

This enables you to find the procedures that make your application slow. Hardware instructions of the Intel Pentium or AMD processor are used for measuring. Hence the granularity is 1 CPU cycle. The sophisticated correction algorithm guarantees a high precision because the result falsification by the measurement itself is eliminated.

The built-in viewers display the measurement results in a way that bottlenecks are seen at a glance.

In the freeware mode ProDelphi and ProKylix can measure up to 30 procedures. In the professional mode (registration key necessary) up to 32000, additionally assembler procedures may also be measured.

With DebugDelphi you can output text in a debug window with a simple WriteLn statement. The texts can be classified by using up to 10 (de)activtable channels (3 in freeware mode).

Download now!

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