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Using TX Text Control in Netscape Navigator

In the TX Text Control support department, we are often asked whether TX Text Control works in Netscape Navigator. As Netscape does not support ActiveX components itself (rather it works with its own a plug in technology) it is not that easy to use objects like TX Text Control with it.

We recently came across a Netscape plug in that does allow you to run TX Text Control in Netscape. It is called 'Esker ActiveX Plug-In for Netscape' and is free of charge. However, no support is available from Esker, nor is its functionality guaranteed in any way.

So, now we have that legal disclaimer out of the way (Esker asked us to mention that), we can take a look at how easy it is to get TX Text Control to run in Netscape.

This example assumes that you have already installed TX Text Control on your computer.

Copy the files npeskp32.dll (np6esk32.dll for Netscape 6) into the following Netscape directory: ..\netscape\Program\Plugins

Now we simply have to embed TX Text Control into an HTML page. As Netscape does not support the object tag, we need to use it's plug in technology. Cut and paste the following code and save it as an .html file:

<embed type="application/x-eskerplus" id="objTX" classid="clsid:3D6D5D2F-B9F2-101C-AED5-00608CF525A5" width="100%" height="500" ViewMode="2" PageHeight="15000" PageWidth="12000" ScrollBars="3" FormatSelection="True">

To connect a TX Text Control component (like for example the TX Button Bar), we simply need to call the function that connects the Button Bar in the section of the HTML document:

<body language=javascript onLoad="Init()">

The function that connects both components looks like this:

The "onLoad" event of the HTML body object is fired by Netscape before the ActiveX controls are actually activated. A good way to use the "onLoad" event is as follow:

<script language=javascript> function Init() { if (window ["objTX"]) { // the activex control is activated objTX.ButtonBarHandle=objBB.hWnd; } else { // the activex control is not activated yet, retry later... setTimeout ("Init()", 100); } } function Event1() { // access to the TX Text Control properties objTX.Text="TX Text Control in Netscape"; } </script>

Sample code that can be directly run, is in the above downloadable file. Take a look at the file step1_netscape.htm.

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