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Update To v9, Updated Documentation

How To Update To Version 9

Judging by the extreme traffic on the TX Text Control web server last week and over the weekend, it looks like you have been waiting for version 9 with baited breath and great aspirations. If you have not yet downloaded the new v9 trial version, please do so without delay.

If you want to update to version 9 and you currently own version 7 or 8, then you can take advantage of our special update prices:

Product edition USD EUR
TX Text Control Professional v9 Update 499.00 459.65
TX Text Control Standard v9 Update 249.00 255.13

You can update online in a matter of minutes. Please be sure to have your current serial number ready, as it is required during the ordering process.

If you have any questions about the new version of TX Text Control, please get in contact with our TX Support Team who are eager to help you with any issue you may have.

Getting The Most Out Of The Documentation

This is the concluding part of our six part series. This week we are looking at our old friend - documentation

If you have been following us so far, you will know that the quickest way to find an answer to your programming question is to take a look at the Support Forum.

However, there are always occasions when the good old 'programmers manual' comes in handy :-). And that is exactly why you can get complete documentation to TX Text Control in three different formats:

  1. HTML format
    Freshly released for version 9.0, this is the preferred format for those who wish to read the documentation on line. Simply click below to dive right into the documentation.
    • TX Text Control ActiveX Programmer's Guide
    • TX Text Control Visual C++ Class Library Programmer's Guide

  2. PDF format
    Some people prefer to print out all documentation before they start reading it. While the HTML version is great to read in your web browser, the PDF version is much better to print. So, if you want this version, just follow this link.

  3. Paper format
    If you really place emphasis on getting professionally printed manuals, then we recommend that you use the TX Store to purchase the printed TX Text Control documentation. The printed documentation is usually shipped within one day of receiving your order.

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