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Enhanced Print Preview for Visual Basic Programs

Enhanced Print Preview For Visual Basic Programs

Visual Basic users are jealous people. Well, at least when it comes to adding a print preview to their applications, and they see how easily the C++ guys do it by simply calling a function in their MFC library. You may have seen the MFC print preview in Text Control's TXWords sample program.

To give you the same feature in VB, this week's installment of our Tips and Tricks series is about a reusable form, which has the same professional look-and-feel as its C++ counterpart, but is 100% VB code. You just need to add it to your VB6 project, and call it with 2 these lines of code:

frmPrintPreview.TextControl = TxTextControl1 frmPrintPreview.Show

Strengthening The TX Text Control Community

One of the main goals of the Support Forum is to assist in the creation of a community spirit amongst all TX Text Control users. In doing this we hope that more and more mutual support will be offered amongst our users.

Since the launch of the new web site, you will probably have noticed a new link in the support forum area.

It is entitled 'Statistics'. If you have not already done so, please click on the above link and then click on 'Statistics'.

The statistics page summarizes the traffic in the support forum and shows the top authors and top threads. Towards the bottom of the top authors and top threads tables are five links that you can use to vary the number of rows in each table. Say, for example, you clicked on the link '200' is the top authors table, you would immediately see the top 200 authors. The same goes for the top threads. Click on '400' and you will see the top 400 threads of all time that have ever been discussed in the Support Forum.

The information presented on this page is purely for your enjoyment and to strengthen the TX Text Control community.

We hope that you enjoy it!

Notable Link Of The Week: Programmers' Heaven

The Internet's most complete source of free downloadable programming files, source codes, utilities, Visual Basic, Delphi, C/C++, graphics, Windows, Java, and other tools for programmers and developers. Over 10000 files and 2500 links organized find format!

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