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New Sales Record At Component Source, Trapping Keystrokes

TX Text Control Obtained Highest Position Every At Component Source

We are delighted to announce that TX Text Control obtained number 4 in Component Source's top 10 best selling products this week. This is a new record for TX Text Control - never before has it been sold to many times in one week. See for yourself!

Navigating The New Links Section

Interested in finding good links for ActiveX tools, database development, downloadable software, freeware and more? Then please take a look at our new and improved links section with more than 600 hand-picked Visual Basic links.

If you had ever browsed our old links section, you will remember that its long unarranged list form was not exactly the best for finding links quickly. The current section, however, includes categories that will certainly help you in finding the links of particular interest to you.

Click on one of the annotated categories, each indicating the number of links you can expect in that section, and you will be taken to the appropriately specialized links page. Similar to the articles found in the source code library, each item will display the number of clicks it has received. Those sites with the highest 'click rate' will appear on the top of that particular links list. This new feature thus provides you with a good means by which you can determine the popularity of the link.

We also invite you to feature your own site here. If you would like to increase the appearance of your web page on the net, please consider a textual link swap with us. The whole process is extremely quick and simple - add your link today!

All you need to do is fill out a short form describing your site, indicating which category you wish to be placed under. In return, we would ask you to mention TX Text Control on your site. You can find sample texts in the marketing listed below. Once we see that you have included us on your site, we will promptly add you to the TX Text Control links page.

Other advertising opportunities, which function similarly to the aforementioned textual ad swap, include banner and newsletter advert exchanges. Please consult our marketing opportunities page for further details.

Hopefully, you will find the changes to the new links page beneficial for your purposes. As it is our goal to provide our readers with a more comprehensive links resource page, we hope that you will add your site soon!

As we urged you last week, so that we can continue to improve on your experience of our web site, please comment on the new layout. Use this thread.

Top TX Tip: How To Trap Keystrokes

Some TX Text Control users have reported that with certain keyboard layouts, the predefined keyboard shortcuts are not a comfort but rather a hinderance. Some characters need the right ALT key to be pressed to in order to be inserted. But pressing 'Right ALT' + Z for instance does not insert that special character, but it triggers the TX's keyboard shortcut (which is Undo in this case).

Take a look at the source code to find a very quick way of getting rid of this rather irritating problem:

The code is very straight forward. It only makes use of the WinAPI function GetKeyState, which returns if a certain key is pressed or not. Using this, you can put whatever you want onto the prior shortcut. In the sample, the letter simply is inserted which corresponds to the pressed key.

Download the code and you will see how GetKeyState is imported.

If you are wondering why we no longer publish source code in the newsletter itself, please see the newsletter from last week.

Link Of The Week: VB Corner

VB Programmer's Corner, a site where you can find a lot of information about Visual Basic: news, programs, docs, updates, API declarations, OCX controls, source codes, links, etc... A great source of knowledge for Italian-speaking programmers. All the available resources are freeware. If you want to improve your knowledge, visit the VB Programmer's Corner:

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