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TX Text Control v8 released

The new version of TX Text Control is now ready to be downloaded!

Version 8 provides new and enhanced features in all of TX Text Control's key areas, making it more flexible and usable for both the developer and the end-user. Additionally, version 8 places special emphasis on office and internet-based applications.

As we discussed in great depth, from a technical point of view what is new in v8 last week.

Here are only the key points:

  • Bullets and Numbered Lists
  • Web Application Tool Kit
  • New easy-to-use print method especially for environments which do not have a printer object, like Access and FoxPro.
  • New table functions for inserting and deleting table rows and columns
  • A property named LockWindowUpdate, which disables screen refresh during multiple text manipulations, and thus can reduce processing time and screen flicker considerably
  • SaveToMemory and LoadFromMemory properties that work with strings instead of byte arrays
  • Improved text filters
  • Extended C++ tutorial

Why don't you go and download the new version 8 trial version right away?

Or indeed, if you have been waiting until the new version is released before you purchase TX Text Control, jump right to the TX Store.

No doubt, you will want to discuss what is new with fellow developers who use TX Text Control. That is what the TX Discussion Forum is for.

Or if you have an issue which you think needs direct support from the TX Text Control Support Specialists, get in contact with them as soon as possible. They are looking forward to helping you:

Have fun with the new version!

Best regards

The Newsletter Team

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