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SPECIAL: Source Code To Build Office Applications Part 1

This is the first part of a multipart series, which will describe how you can build advanced office applications with TX Text Control. Only the first two parts of this special tutorial have been written at the moment. We would like to give you, our TX customers, a chance to determine how it will continue and what will happen in later parts.

Write to us and tell us how you would like this example expanding. Do not forget, you are free to use this code and the code from all future instalments as you like.

We have named the program 'TX Text Control Quote Generator', as its first job will be to automate one of the most common, as well as time consuming, tasks in every company: creating quotes. Naturally, it is not restricted to quotes, but can as well be used for invoices, reminders, and all kinds of other documents.

This week, step 1 shows how to create a document from a database record and a stylesheet using Text Control's Marked Text Fields. Next week, in step 2, will show how to insert product descriptions and prices from an article database. Take a look at the following screenshot to see how the final application will look.

To read a full description of Step 1 and how you can build the TX Text Control Quote Generator.

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