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New Visual C++ sample, Request for Testimonials

TX Testimonials

In the never ending mission to expand and improve our web site, we would like to add a Testimonial Page. If you have any kind comments (or indeed any complaints) we would love to hear from you. In return for your time in writing a little testimonial (about 150 words) we will add your company name and a link to your web site. Simply hit the reply button, send us your comments and we shall endeavor to publish them within three or four days. Thank you in advance.

New Visual C++ sample program

Written in C++ and including a project file for Visual C++ 5.0/6.0, we proudly announce the release of TX TextControl Words with complete source code.

TX TextControl Words is an extended version of the TX TextControl Demo example. By looking at the freely available source code, you will learn how to add, edit and delete hyperlinks, whose targets can be in the same file, in any other TX Words file or indeed any other standard URL. If you wish, you can also list the hyperlinks in an external file. Just like in any standard web browser, all hyperlinks can be highlighted (underlined blue text), so that they stand out from the rest of the text. The color of the text and background can be set using a standard color dialog box. Horizontal lines can be inserted - these are simulated by adding an empty paragraph with a bottom aligned frame.

TX Tip of the week: CurrentInputPosition

The following code pieces demonstrate how to use the CurrentInputPosition property to get the current position of the caret in the document and afterwards set its position to the very beginning of the text.

1) Delphi CurrentInputPosition

var cur : OLEVariant; deb : PChar; begin // Get current position cur := TXTextControl1.CurrentInputPosition; deb := PChar(IntToStr(cur[0]) +'-'+ IntToStr(cur[1]) +'-'+ IntToStr  (cur[2])); MessageBox(0, deb, 'Debug', MB_OK); // Set new position cur[0] := 1; // page cur[1] := 1; // line cur[2] := 0; // col TXTextControl1.CurrentInputPosition := cur; end;

2) VisualBasic CurrentInputPosition

Sub Command1_Click() Dim cur As Variant Dim deb As String ' Get current position cur = TXTextControl1.CurrentInputPosition deb = Str(cur(0)) + "-" + Str(cur(1)) + "-" + Str(cur(2)) MsgBox deb ' Set new position cur(0) = 1 ' page cur(1) = 1 ' line cur(2) = 0 ' col TXTextControl1.CurrentInputPosition = cur TXTextControl1.SetFocus End

The CurrentInputPosition property is available since version 6.0 of TX Text Control. It returns an array of three values which specify the page, line and column number of the current text input position. These values are the same that are shown in Text Control's statusbar. Since version 7.0 this property is also writeable and thus let's you set the caret to a certain page, line and column.

Robust code edit control

Here at The Imaging Source Europe, we are always on the look out for robust code editors. The webmaster wants something with which he can edit his scripts and the hackers want to be able to hack their code together without having to worry about the tools they are using. The tools we use must be transparent, so that we may put our entire creative energy into coding. Enter center stage CodeMax. CodeMax is a powerful code edit control with a long list of features, including color syntax highlighting, custom keystroke assignments, over 120 separate edit commands, drag-and-drop manipulation, support for custom languages, multiple splitter views, unlimited undo/redo, IntelliMouse support and many and many more. Why not download your free evaluation version today or check out it's web site? You'll be pleasantly surprised:

Get your TX application on our web site

Remember a while ago, we asked you to send us a brief description of how you used TX Text Control in your application and in return we offered you a free advert for your software product on our web site? Well, this offer is still running: All we ask is that you send us your text, as well as a few screenshots detailing how TX Text Control was part of the solution and within about two days of receiving this material, we will add your story, along with your logo and your name to our sample application page.

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