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New Delphi Examples, Tell-a-Friend Feature

New Delphi examples and documentation for TX Text Control

In the past TX Text Control has contained many example for Visual Basic programmers, but unfortunately those who chose Delphi where left out. This has changed! Available right now, from the link below is the source code to the same number of sample programs for Delphi as is available for Visual Basic. Studying our examples, you will learn how to use headers & footers; how to add hyperlinks to your documents; how to implement drag & drop functionality and of course we will show you how to grab data from a database and populate your forms automatically!

Featured TX Reseller: VBxtras

One of TX Text Control's resellers is VBxtras. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, VBxtras sells add-on tools that enhance and provide additional functionality to Visual Basic, through both its mail-order catalog and its web site. In the VBxtras catalog and website you'll find hundreds of VB add-ons with full product reviews and guaranteed special pricing. Best of all - you can sit back on a comfortable sofa with our catalog and read it at your leisure!

Then, when you're ready, you can purchase online via ESD and/or VBxtras' fully secure shopping cart, or call a VBxtras account rep to handle everything for you. VBxtras offers Quick, Simple, Easy Buys - and you get Full Vendor Support and a Discount Every Time!

See why VBxtras is the #1 source of tools for the Visual Basic developer worldwide, have a look at:

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