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How to get the best TX Support

TX Discussion Forum Tip

Have you ever wondered why there is a button called "Email replies to this thread, to the address above" when you post something to the TX Text Control Discussion Forum.

If this is the case, then you are not alone. It seems that few people actually understand the true functionality of this feature. So, allow me to explain how it can save you a lot of time and effort, making your life a lot easier.

Say for example, you post a message posing a question about some TX issue which intrigues you. But you forget (or more likely you don't have time) to look at the discussion forum on a daily basis, to see whether someone has answered your question. This is where the "Email replies to this thread, to the address above" comes is handy. Clicking the check box will cause all answers to your question to be e-mailed directly to you automatically, with no intervention on your part whatsoever. How convenient! However, convenience is not the only advantage. Once you have all the answers in your e-mail software you can archive them and use them for later reference, without having to reconnect to the TX Discussion Forum.

Having said that, we do of course recommend that you look at the TX Discussion Forum on a regular basis, as there always many interesting discussions taking place at any one time. Furthermore, many support questions have already been answered by other TX Users and TX Support personnel.

How To Get The Best TX Support

You have probably noticed that at our TX Support Center we urge you to use the TX Discussion Forum as your primary source for TX support. When asking a question about TX Text Control, you must consider that you are probably not the only one interested in that particular issue. There are no doubt other TX users who have a very similar interest to you. It is for this reason that if your TX question is not private to the TX Support personnel, you should use the TX Discussion Forum for general support issues. Furthermore, the Forum is completely searchable - 24 hours per day, whereas the brains of the TX Support personnel can only be reached during office hours. One of our aims in creating the Forum was indeed to create a Knowledge Base of TX information. In other words, to write down and present in a searchable form everything our Support people and TX developers know about the TX product. This benefits you, the TX Text Control users. The more questions you ask in the Forum, the more answers there are from our Support personnel and the more you get out of our software product.

Do yourself and all the other TX users a favor - use the TX Discussion Forum!

Free Advertising For Your TX Application

This is probably going to be the last time I mention this (!): As stated in many previous editions of the TX Text Control Newsletter, we are giving you the opportunity of free advertising for your TX Text Control product on our web site.

All we ask is that you send us your text, as well as a few screenshots detailing how TX Text Control was part of the solution and within about two days of receiving this material, we will add your story, along with your logo and your name to our sample application page.

So far we have had a terrific response to our request for sample TX Text Control applications, but I am know there are thousands of other TX apps out there - all of which should be added to the sample app page. Come one, send me a short text, explaining how you used TX Text Control to implement your application and you get free advertising for this product on our web site. You've got nothing to lose!

Best regards

The Newsletter Team

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