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Why are we called The Imaging Source Europe GmbH?

Why we are called The Imaging Source Europe GmbH

Judging by several recent discussion forum postings, there appears to be a bit of uncertainty about who we are and what we do. Have you ever wondered why the company which produces TX Text Control is actually called The Imaging Source? Is this not a bit strange: an imaging company that creates a text processing tool? Well, it all does make sense and if you would care to read on, you will become one of the few TX Text Control customers who knows the truth behind our name.

As I am sure you are aware, we used to be called DBS. To be more precise, DBS was a shortening for Digitale Bildverarbeitung und Systementwicklung. This was exactly the problem. Whereas, when we were an exclusively German firm, everyone could read from our name exactly what we did, a non-native speaker of German, however, was highly unlikely to understand what went on inside the four walls of our office. And thus, a few months after opening a branch in Charlotte, NC, USA, we decided to give our German branch the same name as our American office. No longer did we have just a German outlook on the market, but also did we start to address a world wide market. Hence, changing our name to one which was widely understandable was highly recommended.

This is all fine and well, but it still does not explain why The Imaging Source develops TX Text Control. Well, the development of our text processing component is not all we do. The other, equally important part of The Imaging Source, is concerned with the creation of complete imaging systems. Have a look for yourself. The Imaging Source's web site contains hundreds of imaging products and detailed technical information.

Top selling text processing tool kit at the Component Source

We are delighted to announce that version 7 of TX Text Control is the top selling text processing tool kit at the Component Source. We would like to thank you for continuing support for TX Text Control. See for yourself.

Free advertising for your TX Text Control application

Once again, I would like to remind you that we are giving you the opportunity of free advertising for your TX Text Control product on our web site. So far we have had a very good response to our free advertising campaign, but I am know there are thousands of other TX apps out there - all of which should be added to the sample app page. Come one, send me a short text, explaining how you used TX Text Control to implement your application, a hand full of screenshots and you get free advertising for this product on our web site. To get a better idea of what we have been sent, have a look at the sample application page.

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