Creating Templates using TX Text Control Words

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The shipped application TX Text Control Words is designed to create templates which are compatible to the DocumentServer.MailMerge component. It allows users to connect to databases and to insert valid merge fields and repeating blocks into a document. These documents can be exported to all supported file formats.

TX Text Control Words is an application based on TX Text Control .NET that helps users create fully featured templates that work properly with the DocumentServer.MailMerge class. It uses the standard MS Word MergeFields that are represented by the ApplicationField class of TX Text Control .NET.

Start TX Text Control Words and open the Mailings tab page of the ribbon menu.

In the first step, you can select a data source. You can choose between Microsoft Access or SQL Server database files, an ODBC data source or a Microsoft SQL Server connection.

After you selected a data source, the available tables are listed in the Select Table dropdown button.

The Insert Merge Field dropdown button lists all available fields of the selected table. This button can be used to insert various merge fields into the template:

To preview the results from the currently selected data table, select Preview Merge Fields and browse through the records using the data source navigation buttons. Finally, you can Finish & Merge the template with the selected data source. The data can be merged into the current document, you can create separate files or you can print the resulting document.