TXTextControl.WPF.TextControlToolBar Class

The WPF.TextControlToolBar class is the base class of the WPF.RulerBar and the WPF.StatusBar classes. It is inherited from the System.Windows.Controls.Control class and implements a template which consists of a System.Windows.Controls.Border element and a WPF.TextControlToolBarPresenter.

Introduced: 22.0.


[TemplatePart(Name = "TXPART_Border", Type = typeof(Border))]
[TemplatePart(Name = "TXPART_ToolBarPresenter", Type = typeof(TextControlToolBarPresenter))]
public class TextControlToolBar : System.Windows.Controls.Control
[Visual Basic]
<TemplatePartAttribute(Name := "TXPART_Border", Type := GetType(Border))> _
<TemplatePartAttribute(Name := "TXPART_ToolBarPresenter", Type := GetType(TextControlToolBarPresenter))> _
Public Class TextControlToolBar _
  Inherits System.Windows.Controls.Control

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