TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Sidebar.ContentLayout Property

Determines the content layout that has to be intialized and rendered for the Sidebar. Beside the predefined TextControl feature layouts SidebarContentLayout.FieldNavigator, SidebarContentLayout.Find, SidebarContentLayout.Goto, SidebarContentLayout.Replace, SidebarContentLayout.Styles and SidebarContentLayout.TrackedChanges, the user can choose SidebarContentLayout.Custom to place a custom control as content. To disable setting any content for this Sidebar, set the property to SidebarContentLayout.None. The default value is SidebarContentLayout.None.


public SidebarContentLayout ContentLayout { get; set; }
[Visual Basic]
Public Property ContentLayout() As SidebarContentLayout


The SidebarContentLayout.Goto, SidebarContentLayout.Find and SidebarContentLayout.Replace layouts differ due to the dock style setting. If the Sidebar.Dock property is set to DockStyle.Left or DockStyle.Right, a vertical alignment layout is shown. DockStyle.Top or DockStyle.Botton aligns the layout horizontally. If the Dock property is set to DockStyle.Fill or DockStyle.None, the sidebar's content is displayed in dialog style.