Using Images, Text Frames, Charts, Barcodes and Drawings

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Images, text frames, charts, barcodes and drawings are represented through Image, TextFrame, ChartFrame, BarcodeFrame and DrawingFrame objects. The FrameBase class which is the base class of these objects handles the alignment in the text implementing properties like Location, TextDistances, InsertionMode, TextPosition and ChangeZOrder. All objects of the same kind are contained in collections, named ImageCollection, TextFrameCollection, ChartCollection, BarcodeCollection and DrawingCollection, which can be used to add and to remove items or to get a particular item from the collection. Furthermore a FrameCollection has been defined containing all images, text frames, charts, barcodes and drawings. This collection is useful to get a particular item, regardless of the kind of object.

A chart frame is always associated with a chart control of the type System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting.Chart. Therefore charts can only be used, when the assembly which implements this control is available. The Charting namespace is part of the .net Framework since version 4 and can be downloaded and installed for the .net Framework version 3.5.

A barcode frame is associated with a barcode control of the type TXTextControl.Barcode.TXBarcodeControl or TXTextControl.WPF.Barcode.TXBarcodeControl and can be only used, if the optional product assemblies for TX Barcode .NET are available.

A drawing frame is associated with a drawing control of the type TXTextControl.Drawing.TXDrawingControl or TXTextControl.WPF.Drawing.TXDrawingControl, which are located in the TXDrawing.dll, TXDrawing.Windows.Forms.dll and TXDrawing.WPF.dll assemblies.

TX Text Control supports three ways of inserting an image, a text frame, a chart, a barcode or a drawing into a document:

Adding and Removing Images, Text Frames, Charts, Barcodes and Drawings

Loading, Saving and Exporting Images