TXTextControl.SectionFormat class

An instance of the SectionFormat class represents the formatting attributes of a section.

Introduced: 14.0.


public class SectionFormat
[Visual Basic]
Public Class SectionFormat


Constructor Description
SectionFormat Overloaded. Creates a new instance of the SectionFormat class.


Property Description
BreakKind Gets or sets the kind of the section break the section starts with.
ColumnDistances Gets the distances, in twips, between the columns on a page.
ColumnLineColor Gets or sets the color of a dividing line between two columns.
ColumnLineWidth Gets or sets the width of a dividing line between two columns.
Columns Gets or sets the number of columns on a page.
ColumnWidths Gets the widths, in twips, of the columns on a page.
EqualColumnWidth Gets or sets a value indicating whether the columns on a page have all the same width and the same distance between them.
Landscape Gets or sets a value indicating whether the section's page size is in landscape orientation.
PageBorder Gets or sets the attributes of a section's page border.
PageMargins Gets or sets the section's page margins.
PageSize Gets or sets the section's page size.
RestartPageNumbering Gets or sets a value indicating whether page numbering is restarted at the section's beginning.


Enumeration Description
Attribute Determines a certain section format attribute.


The following example shows how to add a new section with a specific page size, orientation and margins into an existing document. Additionally, the section is devided into 3 columns with different column widths and column distances:

TXTextControl.SectionFormat sf = new TXTextControl.SectionFormat(3, new int[] { 1500, 2500, 5000 }, new int[] { 250, 500 });
sf.ColumnLineColor = Color.Black;
sf.ColumnLineWidth = 50;
sf.PageSize = new Size(500, 1000);
sf.Landscape = true;
sf.PageMargins = new TXTextControl.PageMargins(100, 100, 100, 100);
textControl1.Sections.GetItem().Format = sf;
[Visual Basic]
Dim sf As New TXTextControl.SectionFormat(3, New Integer() {1500, 2500, 5000}, New Integer() {250, 500})
sf.ColumnLineColor = Color.Black
sf.ColumnLineWidth = 50
sf.PageSize = New Size(500, 1000)
sf.Landscape = True
sf.PageMargins = New TXTextControl.PageMargins(100, 100, 100, 100)
TextControl1.Sections.GetItem().Format = sf

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