TXTextControl.MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs Class

The MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs class provides data for the TextControl.TextMiniToolbarInitialized or TextControl.ObjectMiniToolbarInitialized event of a Windows Forms TextControl just after the pre-defined TextMiniToolbar or ObjectMiniToolbar was created. Its MiniToolbar property provides the corresponding mini toolbar, which can be altered, extended or completely replaced to determine its basic structure.

Introduced: 25.0.


public class MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs: EventArgs
[Visual Basic]
Public Class MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs
  Inherits EventArgs


Property Description
MiniToolbar Considering which event (TextControl.TextMiniToolbarInitialized or TextControl.ObjectMiniToolbarInitialized) is raised the property provides an object of type TextMiniToolbar or ObjectMiniToolbar that can be altered, extended or completely replaced.

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